Caption this - 13 February 2020


Caption this - 13 February 2020


  1. Posted by somilkr, — Reply

    I love my kookie #bts#ryaankookie #my maapaaa#my sis

  2. Posted by 2020bradburyw, — Reply

    i got a caption ~'' the love of those who stand together ,is a strong as a million universes''

  3. Posted by evaldivia34, — Reply

    ...does anyone ever look at a painting or drawing like this and think wow thats amazing, ima try this. i can do it... than you start it and your like wow... why does this look like a new born drew this... no just me...?

  4. Posted by nikikhansuniverse805, — Reply

    Me and my twinflame connected to the Divine. With the rotational Universe around us. Creating Phenomenal moments and making magic thrive through our love. Power to Twinflame. 🙏 ♥️

  5. Posted by loverduck, — Reply

    Brief but good memories. An entire universe clasped in a single sweaty palm❤️🐄💙

  6. Posted by cookalice10, — Reply

    Neither time nor space can stand in the way of true love ❤

  7. Posted by block_of_cheese, — Reply

    wow I can't draw circles OR hands thats really good

  8. Posted by krisetina454, — Reply

    I want this as a tattoo!!

  9. Posted by savannaheneboe, — Reply

    This is so creative and beautiful keep the work up ❤️

  10. Posted by Nelzie3228, — Reply

    Awesome drawing!

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